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My research crosses the different epidemiological areas of infectious diseases, with special focus on the study of dengue fever (and other vector borne diseases) and its dynamics. I develop mathematical models which can be used by public health authorities as a tool to understand and predict the transmission of diseases and to evaluate the introduction of intervention strategies and its impact on different epidemiological scenarios. My research interests focus on public health epidemiology with emphasis on

  • Infectious disease transmission dynamics and prediction
  • Infectious disease control (including vector control and vaccination, with eventual industry collaboration)
  • Epidemiological dynamics of multi-strain infectious diseases
  • Interplay between pathogen serotypes and cross-immunity
  • Epidemiological dynamics of vaccine preventable diseases
  • Epidemiological dynamics of vector-pathogen-host interaction
  • Within-host dynamics focusing on immune responses
  • Complex dynamics, empirical data analysis and public health intervention measures